Legislatively Funded Projects

​4 Projects Taking Court Technology to Next Level

The Judicial Branch received an extraordinary boost to its ambitious KYeCourts initiative when the 2021 General Assembly appropriated $14.7 million from the Federal American Rescue Plan to upgrade Kentucky’s court technology. This funding is significant for both the amount and the timing, as it coincides with court system’s move to an electronic court record and years-long effort to improve access to justice by leveraging technology. 

The AOC’s Office of Information & Technology Services is working on four projects to maximize the use of these funds:

Video Arraignment/Conferencing Project. Will expand the use of video arrangement and conferencing to save time and money. for attorneys, judges, litigants and law enforcement officers.

Redaction Project. Will increase security by implementing software to systematically redact personal information in the electronic court record.

Self-Represented Litigant Portal. Will provide resources through an online portal to individuals handling certain legal matters without an attorney.

Payment Kiosks. Will place self-service kiosks in strategic locations across the state to facilitate cash payments of court fines and fees.

Each project is overseen by a workgroup of judges, circuit court clerks, court employees and community partners who are lending their subject matter expertise to help the AOC develop and deliver a high-quality solution.