Administrative Office of the Courts Management Directory

Katie C. Comstock
Director, Administrative Office of the Courts
502-573-2350, x50010

Jason McGinnis
Deputy Director, Administrative Office of the Courts​
502-573-2350, x50013

Alice S. Wilson
Director, Office of Audits
502-573-2350, x50860

Debbie Kissick
Manager, Division of Audit Services
502-573-2350, x50861

Division of Internal Audits

Jim Hannah

Director, Office of Communications
502-573-2350, x50031​

Johnny Martinez
Manager, Creative Services
502-573-2350, x50251

​Jenny Lafferty
Director, Office of Finance & Administration
502-573-2350, x50419

Tressa H. Milburn
AOC Policy Officer
502-573-2350, x5​​0071

Department of Budget

Carole Henderson
Director, Department of Budget
502-573-2350, x50051

Amber Moreland
Deputy Director, Department of Budget
502-573-2350, x50055

Department of Financial Services

Tammy Brown
Executive Officer, Department of Financial Services
502-573-2350, x50815

Lori Miller
Manager, Division of Accounting Services
502-573-2350, x50831

​Ashley Hooker-Lane
Manager, Division of Procurement
502-573-2350, x50150

Department of Court Facilities

Danny Rhoades
Executive Officer, Department of Court Facilities
502-573-2350, x50077

Mark Bannister
Officer, Department of Court Facilities
502-573-2350, x50081

Manager, Capital Construction

Darren Allen
Manager, Division of Court Security
502-573-2350, x50080​

Sonya B. Conway
Manager, Division of Real Property
502-573-2350, x50933

Kimberly Hosea
General Counsel, Office of General Counsel
502-573-2350, x50414

Margaret Ivie
Deputy General Counsel, Division of Legal Services
502-573-2350, x50411

Jennifer Frazier
State Law Librarian, Division of State Law Library

Jason Cosmo Reynolds
Governmental Affairs Liaison
502-573-2350, x50071

Amanda Coulter
Director, Department of Human Resources
502-573-2350, x50316

Robin Winkfield
Manager, Human Resources
502-573-2350, x50314

Charles Byers
Chief Information Officer
502-573-2350, x50111

Elizabeth Lucas
Director, Implementation & Court Services
502-573-2350, x50187

Scott Mattingly
Chief Technology Officer
502-573-2350, x50147

Daniel Sturtevant
Data Officer, Division of Research & Statistics
502-573-2350, x50719

Jarett Duker
Officer, Division of Application Development​
502-573-2350, x50932

Jonathan Goins
Manager, Division of Application Development
502-573-2350, x50188

Lea Lancaster
Manager, Division of Application Development
502-573-2350, x50958

Patrick Abell
Officer, Division of Court Services
502-573-2350, x50125

Pauline Roberts
Manager, Judicial Branch Education
502-573-2350, x50790

Jimmy Lawson
Manager, Records Services
502-573-2350, x50729​

Ricky Sayles
Officer, Division of Technical and Support Services
502-573-2350, x50139

Kevin Martin
Manager, Division of Project Management
502-573-2350, x50969

​Josh Ochala
Manager, Division of Audio/Video Services
502-573-2350, x50767

Tony Lucio
Manager, Infrastructure Services
502-573-2350, x50138

​Jon Baysore
Manager, Service Operations
502-573-2350, x50930​

Joshua C. Elliott
Executive Officer, Department of Language Access
502-573-2350, x50761 or 502-235-4152

Alexandra Guittet
Manager, Language Access

Rachel Bingham
Director, Office of Statewide Programs
502-573-2350, x50512

Department of Family & Juvenile Services

​Ashley Clark
Executive Officer, Department of Family & Juvenile Services
502-573-2350, x17131

Eboni Blackford Thompson
Manager, Division of Family Services
502-573-2350, x50510

Nadalie Hardwick
Manager, Division of Juvenile Services
606-451-4314, x20034

Department of Pretrial Services

Angie Darcy
Executive Officer, Department of Pretrial Services
502-573-2350, x50211

Melana Gross
Manager, Division of Administration & Development
502-573-2350, x21944

Jason R. Dufeck
Manager, Division of Workforce & Practice
502-573-2350, x50616

Department of Specialty Courts

Debbie L. Hall
Executive Officer, Department of Specialty Courts
502-573-2350, x50615

Elizabeth Nichols
Manager, Division of Operations
502-573-2350, x50612

Audrey Collins
Manager, Division of Support & Education
270-687-7014, x5​

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Frankfort, KY 40601