Administrative Office of the Courts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Administrative Office of the Courts is the operational arm of the Judicial Branch. The AOC supports court facilities and programs in all 120 counties, with its main campus in Frankfort.

The AOC was established in 1976 as a result of the Judicial Article. The Judicial Article created Kentucky's unified court system and made the chief justice head of the state court system, also known as the Kentucky Court of Justice.

The AOC carries out duties that are mandated by the Kentucky Constitution, including administering the Judicial Branch budget, building and maintaining court facilities, maintaining court statistics through a statewide case management database, administering personnel policies and payroll for court personnel, and providing educational programs for judges, circuit court clerks and support staff.

The Kentucky Court of Justice has earned a national reputation for many of its initiatives, including Family Court, Drug Court, judicial center facilities, judicial education, pretrial services, juvenile justice reform, court interpreting services, and diversity awareness. Its statewide case management system has put Kentucky on the cutting edge of court technology.

The Kentucky court system is committed to providing fair and equal treatment to its personnel and to the citizens who come before its courts, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Management Directory

Katie C. Comstock
Director, Administrative Office of the Courts
502-573-2350, x50010

Jason McGinnis
Deputy Director, Administrative Office of the Courts​
502-573-2350, x50013

Alice S. Wilson
Director, Office of Audits
502-573-2350, x50860

Debbie Kissick
Manager, Division of Audit Services
502-573-2350, x50861

Division of Internal Audits

Jim Hannah

Director, Office of Communications
502-573-2350, x50031​

Johnny Martinez
Manager, Creative Services
502-573-2350, x50251

​Jenny Lafferty
Director, Office of Finance & Administration
502-573-2350, x50419

Tressa H. Milburn
AOC Policy Officer
502-573-2350, x5​​0071

Department of Budget

Carole Henderson
Director, Department of Budget
502-573-2350, x50051

Amber Moreland
Deputy Director, Department of Budget
502-573-2350, x50055

Department of Financial Services

Tammy Brown
Executive Officer, Department of Financial Services
502-573-2350, x50815

Lori Miller
Manager, Division of Accounting Services
502-573-2350, x50831

​Ashley Hooker-Lane
Manager, Division of Procurement
502-573-2350, x50150

Department of Court Facilities

Danny Rhoades
Executive Officer, Department of Court Facilities
502-573-2350, x50077

Mark Bannister
Officer, Department of Court Facilities
502-573-2350, x50081

Manager, Capital Construction

Darren Allen
Manager, Division of Court Security
502-573-2350, x50080​

Sonya B. Conway
Manager, Division of Real Property
502-573-2350, x50933

Kimberly Hosea
General Counsel, Office of General Counsel
502-573-2350, x50414

Margaret Ivie
Deputy General Counsel, Division of Legal Services
502-573-2350, x50411

Jennifer Frazier
State Law Librarian, Division of State Law Library

Jason Cosmo Reynolds
Governmental Affairs Liaison
502-573-2350, x50071

Amanda Coulter
Director, Department of Human Resources
502-573-2350, x50316

Robin Winkfield
Manager, Human Resources
502-573-2350, x50314

Charles Byers
Chief Information Officer
502-573-2350, x50111

Elizabeth Lucas
Director, Implementation & Court Services
502-573-2350, x50187

Scott Mattingly
Chief Technology Officer
502-573-2350, x50147

Daniel Sturtevant
Data Officer, Division of Research & Statistics
502-573-2350, x50719

Jarett Duker
Officer, Division of Application Development​
502-573-2350, x50932

Jonathan Goins
Manager, Division of Application Development
502-573-2350, x50188

Lea Lancaster
Manager, Division of Application Development
502-573-2350, x50958

Patrick Abell
Officer, Division of Court Services
502-573-2350, x50125

Pauline Roberts
Manager, Judicial Branch Education
502-573-2350, x50790

Jimmy Lawson
Manager, Records Services
502-573-2350, x50729​

Ricky Sayles
Officer, Division of Technical and Support Services
502-573-2350, x50139

Kevin Martin
Manager, Division of Project Management
502-573-2350, x50969

​Josh Ochala
Manager, Division of Audio/Video Services
502-573-2350, x50767

Tony Lucio
Manager, Infrastructure Services
502-573-2350, x50138

​Jon Baysore
Manager, Service Operations
502-573-2350, x50930​

Joshua C. Elliott
Executive Officer, Department of Language Access
502-573-2350, x50761 or 502-235-4152

Alexandra Guittet
Manager, Language Access

Rachel Bingham
Director, Office of Statewide Programs
502-573-2350, x50512

Department of Family & Juvenile Services

​Ashley Clark
Executive Officer, Department of Family & Juvenile Services
502-573-2350, x17131

Eboni Blackford Thompson
Manager, Division of Family Services
502-573-2350, x50510

Nadalie Hardwick
Manager, Division of Juvenile Services
606-451-4314, x20034

Department of Pretrial Services

Angie Darcy
Executive Officer, Department of Pretrial Services
502-573-2350, x50211

Melana Gross
Manager, Division of Administration & Development
502-573-2350, x21944

Jason R. Dufeck
Manager, Division of Workforce & Practice
502-573-2350, x50616

Department of Specialty Courts

Debbie L. Hall
Executive Officer, Department of Specialty Courts
502-573-2350, x50615

Elizabeth Nichols
Manager, Division of Operations
502-573-2350, x50612

Audrey Collins
Manager, Division of Support & Education
270-687-7014, x5​