Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities

​​The Kentucky Court of Justice has long recognized the presence of racial and ethnic disparities within the court system and has been striving to address those disparities over the last decade. Since 2014, this work has become even more intentional and targeted efforts have resulted in remarkable improvements for the individuals and families who come into contact with the courts.

The KCOJ wants to share its journey to culture change with local court jurisdictions and other organizations that can benefit from its experiences. With that in mind, the Department of Family & Juvenile Services has created a resource titled “A Guide for Identifying, Addressing and Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities,” which documents the 4-step model being used to reduce disparities within the court system. The guide explains how to identify disparities, construct strategies to address them, institutionalize effective changes and reevaluate progress for continuous quality improvement.

The court system is sharing this helpful tool to anyone who would benefit from this resource. Together we can continue to address racial and ethnic disparities and ensure our communities provide a safe and equitable environment in which all Kentuckians can thrive.