Trainings & Workshops

Welcome to the Office of Language Access’s “Trainings & Workshops” landing page! This space is designed to provide interpreters and language access stakeholders with pertinent information about the field of court interpreting. Please visit us often as this page is updated frequently. See below for a list of previous and upcoming trainings.

The Orientation Workshop is designed to introduce all interpreter candidates to the profession of court interpreting in a language-neutral setting. Topics covered during this initial orientation include a general introduction to the profession of court interpreting, a high-level overview of the Kentucky Court of Justice, an in-depth discussion about Kentucky’s court interpreting certification process, the three modes of interpreting and materials for continued development, and Kentucky’s Code of Professional Responsibility for Sworn Proceedings Interpreters. Although the Kentucky Office of Language Access (OLA) is not currently conducting live trainings, the Orientation Workshop is now available “on demand” through pre-recorded videos and can be accessed by visiting the official OLA YouTube channel here. Please keep the following in mind before watching the on-demand Orientation Workshop videos:

  1. Interpreter candidates must pass a criminal history background check before credit can be given for watching the OLA’s on-demand orientation videos. Although the videos are available to be viewed at one’s convenience, requesting a background check before viewing them to ensure eligibility to provide services to Kentucky’s courts is recommended to avoid obstacles later in the process. A background check can be requested through our office by contacting us using this link.    
  2. The on-demand version of the Orientation Workshop consists of six (6) separate videos totaling over nine (9) hours of viewing time. Although candidates may complete the videos at their convenience as time allows, it is recommended that the videos be watched in the specific order indicated in the videos’ respective titles. 
  3. After watching all videos, please reach out to the instructors (contact information provided in the videos) to discuss what you’ve learned and talk about the next steps in the certification process. The instructors will also send you a link to access the supplemental materials referenced in the videos. Good luck and happy viewing!

Use this link to access recordings of previous trainings presented to judges, attorneys, and other court personnel.

Use this link to access recordings of previous skills-building trainings for aspiring and practicing interpreters alike.